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You’ve waited all year for the upcoming family vacation. With the kids out of school, it’s officially time to look forward to some together time with your loved ones. Whether you’re planning a staycation to discover activities in your hometown or have plans for a road trip or plane ride, the vacation is guaranteed to be easier and more enjoyable when everyone in the family stays healthy.

Nothing can sideline the excitement of a family adventure more than someone getting sick. Plus, no one is at their best when they aren’t feeling good and before you know it, the feel-bad crankiness can spread like wildfire through the rest of the group. This is why some initial steps can be a great way to enhance the experience so you can make the most of time with friends and family.

Finding Familiarity amid the New

While travel is one of the best ways to learn and explore, it also requires a tolerance for the new. This novelty might come in the form of new places to sleep, new foods and less-rigid nap and bedtime schedules. In order to cushion the brunt of so many differences, it can be helpful to build in familiarity and routine into each new situation.

If your family regularly consumes a certain amount of water each day or want a certain snack at a particular time, why not include these in the travel plans? Packing favorite treats and small refillable bottles of water is a great way to keep everyone hydrated and satiated when eating schedules are off the normal routine. If there’s room, include a favorite pillow, books or toys, too.

No Rush, It’s Vacation

Too many times, a holiday of leisure can fall victim to overscheduling. Rather than trying to keep on designated time frame, give yourself permission to take time to explore. If you’re flying this might mean adding in more time for TSA lines or if you’re driving, build in breaks where everyone can get out and stretch their legs. Take this time to notice the differences in your environment like local trees and wildlife or make regular stops at neighborhood parks for a guaranteed energy burn.

Staying Healthy Start to Finish

Before starting out your trip, it can be a good idea to visit the pediatrician or primary care physician to make sure everyone is in top condition before setting off. Another helpful tip is to create several packable first aid kits. This step can eliminate the need to seek out a store or pay for over-priced medicines in the airport gift shop.

First Aid Kit Suggestions

  • Nasal aspirator
  • Thermometer
  • Phone number of pediatrician
  • Motrin and Tylenol
  • Diaper cream/Aquaphor/Hydrocortizone
  • Teething Gel or tablets
  • Benadryl
  • Sunscreen
  • Unscented baby wipes
  • Zip-top bags

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