Immunizations, annual checkups and regular physicals are some of the many ways to give a young child the tools needed for growth and lifelong health. But there’s one element of health that often gets overlooked, dental care. Creating healthy habits around good oral hygiene have the ability to reduce the risk of serious disease and preserve memory today and in later years.

Start Young

So what constitutes good oral health? This includes a variety of habits including regular brushing, flossing, rinsing with an antiseptic mouthwash, and making twice a year visits to the dentist. After the onslaught of holiday sweet treats, the new year is a great time to establish good oral health habits for a lifetime.

Dental Health Month

During National Children’s Dental Health Month, the American Dental Association and the American Dental Association Foundation look to promote the importance of oral health for everyone. This includes the benefits of small, yet significant, changes to the daily routine.

  • Drink water instead of sugary soda and juice
  • Snack on crunchy fruits and vegetables rather than cookies, candy and cakes
  • Brush for two minutes to this song
  • Limit sugary drinks and food to special treat times

Small Steps Add Up

Establishing a routine of regular care is a good way to avoid the hassle of painful cavities and gum disease. Beyond building internal health, regular care can assist in the early discovery of potential gum and tooth issues such as the need for braces or wisdom tooth removal. Outwardly, a healthy smile is instrumental for good self-esteem and personal confidence.

Building a Habit

For those new to building better dental health, it can help to turn tooth-brushing time into a game. If you have a child who thrives on competition, create a tooth-brushing contest to see who can brush the longest. Or distract from the task with the telling of a story or watching a short video while brushing. Special toothbrushes or child friendly-flavored toothpaste can turn a mundane routine into something more special.

Whole Picture

Sometimes just knowing why can make a task easier to do. In this case, checking out books from the library or watching child-focused videos can help even the youngest understand the benefits of good dental care. Better understanding of optimal oral health is something that’s beneficial for all ages.

Benefits of Smile Care

  • Prevent oral cancer and gum disease
  • Detect dental issues before they become big problems
  • Avoid wearing dentures by keeping your own teeth
  • Cultivate a healthy and confident smile
  • Reduce risk of heart attacks and stroke

Additional Dental Assistance

Keeping your smile at its best relies on a combination of home care and qualified dental doctors. Even with the best of preventative habits, some dental issues may require oral surgery. Summit Medical offers the services of highly trained dental professionals who provide services such as wisdom tooth removal, facial trauma surgical procedures and treatment options for issues of the mouth, jaw and gums.

To learn more about dental professionals at Summit Medical Center, visit our physician directory or call us at 307-232-6600.

Remember, you always have a choice in your healthcare. Summit Medical Center offers orthopedics; ear, nose and throat; pediatrics, gastrointestinal; primary care; oral surgery; general surgery, pulmonary; and plastic surgery to the Casper, Wyoming, area. With cost-competitive, high-quality medical care and superior patient service, Summit Medical Center is changing the delivery of healthcare in Casper and beyond.

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