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Watch Dr. Smith on Vidscrip

Visit and type in “Craig Smith” to locate the video selections recorded by Dr. Smith.
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Orthopedic surgeon Dr. Craig Smith has recorded dozens of videos about his use of Conformis knee replacement technology, as well as other questions about all levels of care

It’s the night before surgery and anxiety is kicking in, but you’ve only just thought of a couple of questions you wanted to ask your doctor.

Why is he using this particular type of technology for the surgery? What’s this doctor’s overall philosophy of care? Am I allowed to have a glass of water in the morning on the way to the hospital?

These are the types of questions Dr. Craig Smith, an orthopedic surgeon with Casper Orthopedics who performs surgeries at Summit Medical Center, hopes he has already answered for his patients via the Vidscrip video service. On the site,, Dr. Smith has anticipated dozens of questions that his patients might ask by answering each one of them in a video recording.

These educational video help patients prepare for upcoming appointments, surgery and non-operative care. He also answers questions about what to expect after surgery. Thanks to the format of the videos, users can skip around to the topics and questions that interest them and then watch a short video for each selection.

Dr. Smith is especially happy to provide Vidscrip videos about Conformis, the customized knee replacement surgical technology he uses (

Traditional “off-the-shelf” implants weren’t cutting it for Dr. Smith. He said only about 80 percent of patients surveyed one year after surgery were happy with their implants. With Conformis, 90 to 92 percent of patients are really happy one year out.

Conformis is customized to each patient, and it allows Dr. Smith to decrease the time someone needs to be in an operating room. Recovery times are faster, too, thanks to less blood less into the knee and decreased pain.

This is the kind of information a patient heading in for a knee replacement might like to know before entering the operating room.

Dr. Smith has recorded many other videos that could help ease a patient’s worries or concerns before their scheduled orthopedic appointment or surgery. He talks about his philosophy of care — he takes care of his patients, not just their joints — and helps them understand the kind of care they’ll receive.

Anyone wondering if their knee pain might require surgery can watch Dr. Smith talk about the causes and diagnosis of knee paint, as well as treatments such as injections and surgery.

In an internet age for which search results can be hard to navigate, Dr. Smith hopes to communicate with his patients directly. This way, there will be no confusion about the quality of care they’ll be receiving.

About Dr. Craig Smith: Board-certified and fellowship-trained in orthopedic surgery, Dr. Craig Smith specializes in joint replacement and revision, trauma and fracture care, and the surgical and nonsurgical treatment of injuries and conditions of the hip and knee, including osteoarthritis, fractures, bursitis, and tendonitis.

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