Summit Medical Center CEO Dennis Jack recently announced the hospital received full licensing from the state and, since that time, has officially opened its doors and successfully hosted its first patient, Wendy Moore, for a knee replacement operation. Moore’s surgery was completed April 28 and the center is now welcoming new patients for various specialty procedures, both surgical and nonsurgical.

Moore, a local real estate agent with four children and three grandchildren, suffered severe arthritic pain as a result of Lyme disease, and had already endured a spinal fusion procedure before being told she would also require a total knee replacement. When she learned that a new hospital was being built in Casper, she felt certain that’s where she wanted her knee done.

“Being the first patient wasn’t that important to me, I just knew I wanted to have my surgery here,”

said Moore. “But I decided since I was the first patient, they should treat me like Queen Latifah, and they did!”

When Moore arrived for surgery, Summit Medical Director Joe Vigneri, M.D., presented her with roses, a tiara and a teddy bear before showing her the red carpet that led back to the pre-op area. Moore attributes her successful knee replacement, in part, to what she called a very positive environment and also to the skill and attentiveness of her surgeon, Matt Gorman, M.D., and anesthesiologist Matt Swan, M.D.

“Everyone wants this to be successful,” said Moore, speaking of how she was impressed with the facility and the positive staff and leaders. “If you want a positive [healthcare] experience, regardless of why you are there, just go [to Summit Medical Center].”

To schedule an interview with Mrs. Moore, please contact the center at 307-232-6600.

With four operating rooms, two procedural rooms and 16 inpatient rooms, Summit Medical Center offers a wide range of services and specialties and is accepting referrals for patients of all ages; the center also provides comprehensive tertiary services, including dietary counseling, imaging, laboratory and onsite pharmacy. Take a tour of Summit Medical Center at 6350 E. 2nd Street or explore online at to learn more.

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