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Join Dr. Matt Mitchell on April 4 to learn about a cartilage restoration technique that was recently approved by the FDA

There are some exciting techniques and developments for patients with injuries to cartilage in arthritic knees that Board-certified Orthopaedic Surgeon Dr. Matt Mitchell will discuss at an upcoming Doc Talk at Summit Medical Center.
The Doc Talk, “Cartilage Restoration in Arthritic Knees — An Alternative to Knee Replacement,” is scheduled for Thursday, April 4, at 6 p.m. Dr. Mitchell will discuss newer techniques that hold promise for delaying or even avoiding knee replacement surgery. Knee replacement surgery is often the final solution for patients with progressive cartilage injuries.

One of these techniques is the MACI technique, recently approved by the FDA. The technique involves taking small portion of cartilage and growing cells in the lab then transplanting the cells into the knee, Dr. Mitchell said.
Most insurance companies are covering the technique and the technique has been used extensively internationally,” he added. “The technique is effective in alleviating pain and returning patients to unrestricted athletic activity.”

This cartilage restoration is an option for patients with mild to moderate arthritis, but advanced arthritis patients are not candidates for this technique, Dr. Mitchell said.

Knee replacement involves replacing portion of the knee with metal and plastic. Typically, there are some limitations after this technique,” he said. “Cartilage restoration can replace diseased cartilage to near normal and allows unrestricted activity.”

To learn more about this technique, don’t miss Dr. Mitchell’s free talk on April 4. He has recruited a fellow bagpiper to perform a short concert with him after the talk!

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